Sunday, September 13, 2009

Knowing when to quit

I had small loser playing 6/12 Omaha last night. Nothing terrible, almost a break even session actually. But had I listened to my manager (aka the wife) I could've left a winner for the night.

I started out on the must move table which was loose enough for me to grind out a small profit, but when they changed me to the main game things started going downhill. The main game was much tighter. Pots were contested shorthanded and nobody was giving much action. My wife suggested we leave but I insisted that I still had an edge. And I might have, but things just didn't go my way. I really only got action on 2 hands at the table. I had top pair with the nut low and the nut flush draw on one hand, but got quartered by the nut low + nut straight when I whiffed on the flush. On the other hand I had the nut flush + gutshot broadway draw that turned a 21 card no bust low draw to go along with it, but caught a pair instead to get scooped by my op's set.

Those were big hands and that's just the way they go sometimes. I wouldn't change a thing about how I played them really, except for 1 thing. I would've loved to have had 3 or 4 callers stuck in between me and my ops. That's the typical scenario on a loose Omaha table, and I really shouldn't have settled for anything different. I stayed on the table to try to prove I had the skills to beat tougher players, but all I was really doing was allowing myself to play for a smaller edge. I chose this game because of all of the loose players who contribute dead money and I shouldn't settle for a table that provides anything else.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stacking Racks Again

It's good to have the money flowing in the right direction again. It's funny how sensitive your results in poker are to the smallest of changes. A new player sits down at the table, another goes on tilt, or perhaps you do. The game changes and if you don't adjust you lose. In this case I had been making mistakes, and the results were affecting me psychologically which was causing me to make more mistakes.

I'm sure I'll never be immune these things. Rather than pretend that I can become the perfect player who always makes the right choice I think it's better to accept that I can't and do my best to recognize when I'm doing something wrong. As long as I can do that I believe that I can minimize my downswings and stay alive in this game.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Streak Broken

Tonight was a great night, with a session at Commerce that brought an end to my losing streak. It wasn't the largest profit I've ever made, nor was this the first winner since starting this downswing. It was smaller in fact than my previous win. What made this one feel so good was that I know that I have finally fixed my errors. I have spent a lot of time going over my hands and analyzing what I was doing wrong. I had been playing too loose in certain spots, both before the flop and after, and it was costing me a lot. But tonight I played well, not because I pulled off a winner, but because I played very disciplined. Despite a number of the typical bad beats that are so characteristic of Omaha H/L I still pulled off a winning session and I did it because I made very few mistakes.