Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stacking Racks Again

It's good to have the money flowing in the right direction again. It's funny how sensitive your results in poker are to the smallest of changes. A new player sits down at the table, another goes on tilt, or perhaps you do. The game changes and if you don't adjust you lose. In this case I had been making mistakes, and the results were affecting me psychologically which was causing me to make more mistakes.

I'm sure I'll never be immune these things. Rather than pretend that I can become the perfect player who always makes the right choice I think it's better to accept that I can't and do my best to recognize when I'm doing something wrong. As long as I can do that I believe that I can minimize my downswings and stay alive in this game.

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  1. It's an excellent sign that the you are doing something about the issues, rather than turning a blind eye and pretending that a problem or two doesn't exist


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