Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Love Fish

Not the kind you find at the poker table (OK, those too), but the swimming variety.  Keeping a saltwater aquarium has been a hobby of my wife and mine for the past year now. This month has been a fun one for us because of our new tank. We set up a 135 gallon tank and got it cycled to stock fish these last few weeks.
Getting set up
The first inhabitants
After a lot of planning we decided on a lunar wrasse, niger trigger, and volitan lionfish to get us started. They are aggressive fish but they do a good job of holding their own together. They've proven to be an interesting group. The lion makes for an awesome centerpiece and the wrasse and trigger have great personalities. The wrasse patrols the tank constantly while the trigger keeps himself busy rearranging sand and rocks. I only wish he would stop knocking over the stacks I build. It's not a simple matter to reach in and stack them back up when you have fish with poisonous spines on it's back.
Probably the last time our wrasse sat still
The Trigger claiming his territory
Our lion stalking the damsels
On the poker front August has been a disappointing month. In the past I've ran good, I've ran bad, and I guess now I've ran in place. Every step I've had in the right direction has been matched by another bringing me back where I started. Consistency is my problem, and for now I'm toning things down a bit until I get my discipline under control.

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