Thursday, September 9, 2010

2010 WCOOP Recap

I just played my 2nd WCOOP event today. Great tournaments, the structures offer a lot room for play. So far I've made the money in my first event but busted from today's. I ran bad but am still happy with the way things went. I'll be back, with these fields I'm sure I can cash again.

In the first even I started off strong but had a rough 2nd and 3rd hour. Thanks to the structure I was able to hang on until my luck changed and work back up to a big stack. When we got to the bubble I was sure I would coast into the money but one hand changed all of that. I got it all-in with jacks vs kings. It was a bad play on my part, the signs were there but I though he was bluffing. I was still alive but my stack was crippled. With the money close I decided to hang on and see if I could make it. I did, barely, and then went on a hot streak to build back up to an average stack. I lasted for several more hours but was never able to build back up the momentum I needed. I finally went out in 285th.

In today's event things went pretty rough for me. I built a good stack early but wasn't able to hold onto it. Three main hands took me out of the event. I had two pair lose twice. The first lost when bottom pair caught runner runner quads, and the second lost when my opponent caught a higher two pair on the turn. The final hand to take me out was pocket sixes. I called a raise from the button and hit my set. My opponent led out and I raised. He called and I shoved the last of my chips when an 8 hit the turn. He called again to show me pocket eights.

All three hands dropped to three outs or less, and each time I was up against the same opponent. It can feel personal when it happens like that, but it's not. No matter who you're up against it's the same deal. You do your best to get your money in good and hope someone calls with a worse hand. Those are the situations you look for. After that it's out of your control. But you have to keep a cool head whatever happens. I tilted this time, tilted bad. And that's OK, after all, I busted and no more damage could be done. But under different circumstances I'd need to find a way to control that.

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  1. that was pretty harsh ! !
    Anyways good game on your first WCOOP, i hope i can get to rail you again soon !!!


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